Miami Dade County Fire Rescue Stations

We have been fortunate enough to have been able to prepare landscape and irrigation plans for a number of fire rescue stations scattered throughout Miami-Dade County. All landscape designs for each fire station were designed with
the fire personnel in mind. They spend a lot of time at the
fire stations and need to feel as if that is their home away from home. Lush lawn areas and colorful planting tied the building into the landscapes. Trees and palms, needed to
meet City and/or County Requirements provided shade and comfort to the green spaces. Lawn areas were provided adjacent to patio areas so the fire rescue personnel could gather for barbecue’s (amongst other activities) and enjoy their patio area. Currently the trend for fire rescue stations being built is for them to be designed and built with a “green” approach. For instance in several of our most recent fire rescue station projects, the irrigation systems were designed with water reclamation systems that collected and harvested rainwater from the downspouts of the building. This water is then pumped directly into the irrigation main line and used,
in conjunction with water provided form a city water meter,
to irrigate the landscape. This greatly reduces the demand
on the metered systems thereby reducing cost and
conserving water.

miami dade county fire rescue station
wright patterson air force base outdoor dining area

Wright Patterson Air Force Base - Outdoor Dining Area

The outdoor dining area we worked on for Wright Patterson Air Force base was a unique opportunity for us. It was the first of many projects that we worked on outside of Florida. We had a wide variety of design challenges in a small space. First we coordinated tree removal with Army Corp. of Engineers personnel. That allowed the space for us to begin laying out the hardscape design. We selected the paving materials for the dining areas which were separated from areas for passive pedestrian use. The main walkway had a unifying pergola to provide shade, join the dining areas together, and clearly define the walkways as visitors were directed to the entrances to the hospital buildings. We selected the tables, chairs, and benches for the various spaces in this outdoor oasis. An interesting site amenity was a swing-bench located in a lawn area adjacent to landscaping. A large gray wall of the hospital building was disguised in green-screen, a screen material that allows vines to grow up it, and become a “green wall”. Similar column versions of the green screen provided support, and “green columns”, for the entrance pergola. Decorative concrete walls were also used to help define the dining area and walkway spaces. Landscape lighting and path lighting were utilized so that the outdoor dining area could be enjoyed at night (during the warmer Ohio months). The remaining spaces surrounding the dining areas and walkways were well landscaped and irrigated.

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